Facebook Surveys Collect Data for CIA

Chairman Smith of the CIA thanked the developers of ‘quirky’ personality tests for social media platforms such as Facebook, for gathering indispensable information from the vast amount of people who […]

Congress to bug light bulbs

Senator Martin McFly urged Congress today not to go ahead with Senator Biff Tannen’s bill to implant hidden video cameras and microphones into the light bulbs of the American people. […]

Teacher Arrested for Calling a Boy ‘He’

Sarah Adams, a third-grade teacher in North Olmsted, Ohio is facing bias-motivated criminal charges in Cuyahoga county. Charges were pressed against the public school teacher when the parents of one […]

Feminists attack Washington Monument

The extreme feminist organization known as the New Order of Diverse Incredible Chicas or NODIC attempted to destroy the Washington monument Saturday by screaming at the 555 foot obelisk for […]

ANTIFA attacks White House

Early this morning nearly one hundred members of an elite branch of the alternative left organization “ANTIFA” ripped down a small section of The White House fence and began to […]