Canadian’s Riot for Keeps

A fight that turned into a riot, that started off as a conversation, erupted Saturday at a demonstration in Toronto Canada. Hundreds of people took to the streets Saturday afternoon to protest what they viewed as the discrimination of the Muslim community, by hockey players. Among the lively protesters were several angry members of the Muslim community, and a variety of characters from assorted far left organizations. One hockey player, Wayne Casey, who ran right into the crowd after leaving the arena, saw the whole thing unfold. Casey explains:

Oh boy, before I say anything I just want it to be known that I’m a simple man who plays hockey, I don’t care for politics and I always say just live and let live. I tell ya though these left winged types don’t live by that philosophy, they drive me nuts, all they do is complain about everything and fight for causes that have very little to do with them, you can’t sneeze without one of them saying it’s offensive, I mean that literally. I don’t know what the hell these guys were doing with the Muslim folks in the first place, c’mon Muslims aren’t known for their tolerance of women and sexual exploration, and they’re pretty big on God the last time I checked, so it beats me. That’s beside the point, the point is they were all gathered and yelling something about sand and hockey and pucks, who knows, who cares. Okay so ya asked me to explain what happened, I’ll tell ya. The lady who seemed to be in charge of the liberals was talking to the guy leading the Muslims. When I got a little closer I heard the liberal chick say something like, ‘yeah next weekend we’re going to protest that church until they admit God is a woman.’ So the guy said back to her, ‘God a woman?, The Prophet Muhammad was surely a man, what do you know, you yourself are just a woman.’ Well she didn’t like that comment very much, she said something like, ‘you men are all the same, and I have news for you, Muhammad wore a dress and had a vagina.’ Oh boy, when she said that this guy went nuts, he grabbed her and started shouting something in that scary language of his. Well, the guy next to the liberal chick tried to stand up for her, and, oh man it was just a huge brawl, what else do you want from me.

The brawl that lead to the riot caused half a million dollars in damage, or whatever that is in Canadian money. The Prime Minister was quoted as saying:

It’s all really okay, it’s just fine. There is no blame being placed here. When a people, or groups of people, or persons, or they’s, gather together in solidarity to fight an injustice, things like this are bound to happen. I’m just glad that they came to happen upon happening within themselves, that’s all that really matters.