April Fools Day Massacre

A late April fools day prank, that was also meant to be a protest against the right to bear arms, went horribly wrong Monday morning. A group of four college students under the direction of that skinny whiney kid, and that surly looking one with the shaved head, stormed into a school with blank firing AR-15’s that they bought off the internet. The four nineteen year olds were there in protest of a gun expert who was asked to come to the school and give a talk on gun safety. David Hogg told the college students that they would be hero’s of the left for their actions, and that if they claimed it to be an April fools day prank it would stand as some sort of technicality against any real trouble.

Around 10:30am the four stormed into the school and started firing their blank guns like mad at kids walking down the hallways. With the aid of twelve or so of the students in the school rigged with squib blood packs the faux shooting appeared to be very real. The school went into a panic as teachers locked themselves in their classrooms with their respective students. Jim Waters, the gun safety spokesman, who heard the shooters coming down the hall strategically hid and awaited them.

When the first one came close enough Waters popped out from behind a door, disarmed the shooter, and proceeded to use him as a body shield while he drew his gun. The other three who saw this started firing their blanks wildly at Waters as he took aim and fired three shots hitting all three of the shooters, killing one of them and severely injuring the other two. The shooter Waters had taken hostage began screaming for him to stop and that it was all an April fools day prank. After police arrived and cleaned everything up they arrested Jim Waters on multiple counts of gun related crimes. According to the mainstream media:

This whole incident could have been avoided if Jim Waters wasn’t giving a talk on gun safety, this just proves again that gun safety is a myth. Jim Waters should be imprisoned for the rest of his life for killing that brave protestor, how dare he bring a gun into a school in the first place. This is all Donald Trump’s and the NRA’s fault.