The Town With No Guns

The town of Ellicott is an experimental town residing in the heartland of the United States. The grand experiment was to see how a moderately sized town would fair if no one there owned a gun. The police in Ellicott didn’t even carry guns. Ellicott is walled off and there are checkpoints at the gates of the town to ensure that no guns ever enter. Ellicott even has an agreement with the government that no law enforcement agents can ever bring firearms in, no matter what. Since the experiment began the crime rate in Ellicott as remained steady, none the less Ellicott’s citizens claimed that they feel much safer. Last December Ellicott made the paper for something that the town always feared. A large shipment of gold bullion was passing through Ellicott when it was seized by six masked men, wielding guns. As per the law in Ellicott, the drivers of the armored car had to leave their weapons at the gate, where a transporter would drive them all the way around the town, so they could be picked up on the other side. Former Mayor of Ellicott, Hershel Smeggins, had this to say:

Our wonderful town was a utopia before that day. Sure we had violent crime and a murder or two, but none of which happened with a gun, and we were better for that. I’m not sure how these madmen even snuck guns into our town, we check for those at the gate, and most people give them up. I am completely shocked by what happened. This just goes to show you that we need stricter gun control in this country. Our town worked as far as I’m concerned, our law of no guns was a shining example to this country, it was an outside influence that corrupted us. If America was like Ellicott things like this would never happen, only another country would be able to destroy us, and that seems unlikely. I suppose if they wanted to it would be extremely easy, but still that would never happen!

The Ellicott heist lasted all of ten minutes. The six men, armed with .22 caliber rifles, made off with twenty million dollars worth of gold. Ellicott police did pursue the heist men but where left handcuffed together on the side of the road when the six men decided to stop the chase. The bandits escaped and have not been seen since, Ellicott has since changed their law requiring that all law-abiding citizens carry a gun, crime has drastically gone down.