Indie media rocked by leaked sex tape

If you like on the ground reporting from independent and reliable journalists, you’re probably familiar with Ford Fischer from Washington, DC. If there’s something interesting happening in DC, he’s there. Sleeper […]

CIA Hiring Smugglers for Special Programs

In a move reminiscent of the crazy plots of the Cold War, the Central Intelligence Agency is recruiting an army of smugglers. CIA recruiters are visiting different prisons in the […]

NSA leaks 12.8 Billion Nude Images of Americans

A leak at the National Security Agency has released 12.8 billion intimate photos. The contents of the leak were gathered from the NSA’s program surveilling American citizens to protect their […]

Putin Mocks Trump’s Military Deferments (Video)

Russian President Vladimir Putin was caught mocking the US President on a live microphone. Putin, who spent 15 years in the Soviet Union’s KGB, was recorded laughing about President Trump’s […]