Jay Anderson Madison Park Wauwatosa Killing Protest Sneak Peek

A sneak peek to a video documenting a peaceful protest in Milwaukee’s Madison Park. The Anderson family have protested for months attempting to get justice for their son, who was killed by Wauwatosa police. Jay Anderson died three months ago, and WPD hasn’t held a press conference, or released the shooting officers name. The Anderson’s feel his case is being swept under the rug. Stay tuned for the full video.

Milwaukee Riots From Wauwatosa: The First Night

Footage shot by video journalist Isiah Holmes during the first night of the national guard activation following the Milwaukee riots. The raw footage shows the lights of surveillance planes as they circled over the riot zones. It also gives a brief look at the event from the perspective of ordinary citizens waiting it out in their homes.
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Milwaukee Riots From Wauwatosa: The Second Night

YungCartographer Productions Video Journalist Isiah Holmes’ footage of the second night of riots in Milwaukee. Show’s clearer images of the planes which continued to circle the city for day’s. Also includes interviews done that night and the following evening of residents describing their experiences.

GMO Protest In Downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Video journalist Isiah Holmes followed this group of protesters as they marched throughout Downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Theirs was just one of dozens of groups nationwide who coordinated a single day of mass GMO protest. They voiced concerns over TPP, GMO’s, corporate dominance over the food supply, and much more.

Speak Friend And Enter (Police Documentary 2015)

Speak Friend And Enter investigates reports of misconduct committed by Wisconsin’s Wauwatosa Police Department, near Milwaukee. The film looks into the departments longstanding reputation for racial discrimination.