Speak Friend And Enter (Police Documentary 2015)

Wauwatosa, Wisconsin (SleeperCells) – Speak Friend And Enter investigates reports of misconduct committed by Wisconsin’s Wauwatosa Police Department, near Milwaukee. The film looks into the departments longstanding reputation for racial discrimination, it’s participation in several large scale teen-focused drug use crackdowns, and the introduction of a policy of withholding arrest information, thus keeping the community in the dark. The story is told through a collection of young voices local to the area who both experienced what happened and never talked about it afterward. This project was also produced entirely via the YouTube video editor.


NOTICE: The purpose of this film is to provoke and/or contribute to positive, though realistic, progressive conversation so that one day these societal issues might be addressed. The purpose of this film is NOT to advocate for violence against police and/or any other ineffective, divisive, and otherwise low brow actions and/or crimes. These, in fact, would only hamper and even pervert any notion of progress, eventually snuffing it out. Only through fair conversation, compassion, understanding and above all else, truth, will positive progressive change be seen in our society. The purpose of this film, similarly, is NOT to advocate, applaud, or glorify drug use amongst adolescence. This phenomenon, however, is a ever present elephant in the room. It would be journalistically irresponsible to not present an honest, and open, discussion of the issue as it relates to this film. This film, I hope, will be seen as an expression of faith that a future marked by positive progress may one day be achieved. But first we, the people,  must speak.
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