Erdogan’s Law: Kurdish Parliament Members Stripped of Immunity

“The bill targets 130 members of parliament. A vast majority of them are members of the HDP (People’s Democratic Party of Turkey),” Xulam tells Loud and Clear, adding that he believes Erdogan will use this bill to give himself sole control of the Turkish government.

“So what you’re saying is that President Erdogan, who has been acting as the head of state, in order to consolidate his power, had to first deal with the HDP, which is mostly Kurdish with progressive people in it,” suggested host Brian Becker, adding that if the HDP were to remain a presence in parliament, “it would dilute Erdogan’s personal power,” and that explains why Erdogan “scuttled the ceasefire with the Kurds, resumed war in Southeastern Turkey and now is attempting to strip immunity from members of parliament who are associated with the HDP, so that they can be arrested put in jail.”