LIGO-Detected Black Holes May Be the Origin of Dark Matter

Two papers in the Physical Review Letters hold that the black holes detected by LIGO may be primordial black holes, and they may explain the nature of dark matter.

Unexpected Explanations

The Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory (LIGO) has been one nifty new astronomical tool. In its brief existence, it has been able to detect several of the elusive gravitational waves. Previously, these had just been the stuff of speculations.

Scientists Say They Found A Woman Who Can See 99 Million Colors More Than The Rest Of Us

Researchers say they have finally found a true “strong tetrachromat,” someone who has four cone cells in the eyes and is able to interpret these signals in their brain, opening their eyes to an additional 99 million colors the rest of the human population can’t see. But before we get too jealous, the study is still ongoing and must be published and peer-reviewed.

So you’re a tetrachromat? But are you the “strong” type?

Tetrachromacy is the possession of four cone cells. This allows organisms to have a four-dimensional color experience—something that fish, reptiles, and diural birds all have. Humans normally detect color through three cone cells in the eyes, making us trichromats. Ultimately, this difference means that humans see far less colors than these other organisms.

5 Views on What Basic Income Should Be and Why It Matters

It seems that basic income is on the lips of everyone today. From Finland to the Netherlands, Switzerland to Canada, governments and cities have embraced the idea as one worth testing. Although talk of basic income has been around for some time, it seems that now there is a real push, an unwavering drive and motivation to see how the idea could work in practice.

Beyond the hype, however, lie some crucial questions that need to be addressed. With support from all sides of the political spectrum and interest from cities and states all over the world, it is evident that the discussion on basic income is painstakingly broad in scope and variety. What do we even mean when we talk about basic income? Are we all talking about the same thing?

GMO Protest In Downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Video journalist Isiah Holmes followed this group of protesters as they marched throughout Downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Theirs was just one of dozens of groups nationwide who coordinated a single day of mass GMO protest. They voiced concerns over TPP, GMO’s, corporate dominance over the food supply, and much more.