When Cops Go Too Far

A Wisconsin police officer was sent to rehab after violently attacking several high school students. Before moving to Tumbleweed Wisconsin, Larry Holmes was a sergeant on the LA police force for nearly five years. In LA Holmes was involved in a staggering amount of car chases, thirty-two drug busts, and sixteen shootouts. He was praised for his heroism on the job, and was honored with a handful of medals for outstanding police work, and for being wounded in the line of duty, to name a few. For reasons unknown Holmes was transferred to the town of Tumbleweed early this year, according to the locals, and his fellow policemen, Holmes was a bit too gung-ho for the small town. His captain, Earl Fisher, explains:

Don’t get me wrong Larry was a good kid, but that was the problem, he was just a kid. Larry was a thirty something year old transfer from LA. When he came to us he still had that big city cop personality, he never learned to takes things slowly. He’s a great officer, and from speaking to his former captain I learned that he really put his life on the line for his city, but around here we really don’t have a need for that sort of lifestyle. The most exciting thing that happens around here on a Saturday night is trying to find Jimmy when he drives around drunk on his tractor. This is a town where everybody knows everybody very well, we live in peace, and we like it that way. The first weekend Larry was here he was acting really funny, he reminded me off a drug addict, pacing and fidgety and what not. That Saturday night the call came in about Jimmy loose on his tractor again and boy did Larry jump on that. He ran out the door, jumped into his cruiser, and sped off with lights-a-blazin’ before I could even talk to him. By the time we found him he had ol’ Larry spread out like a carpet across the road at gunpoint while screaming all sorts of crazy stuff at him. I couldn’t believe it, I just laughed and asked him what the hell he was doing, he sure did scare ol’ Jimmy to the point of wetting himself. I felt a little bad for Larry because he thought he did well, after that I told Jimmy to get the hell home and I had a talk with Larry. Well, my talk didn’t work, Larry pulled all lot of crap like that, screaming at people for jaywalking, running down people while jogging thinking they were running from a crime, but the last straw were those boys from high school. Larry was out on patrol and saw a few boys walk into the woods behind the school, of course he got out of his car and followed them. He crept up on them and watched them start to smoke marijuana, now I don’t condone smokin’ dope but I sure don’t approve of what Larry did. When Larry saw them start to smoke he ran right at them while pointing a gun and shouting, of course he spooked those boys doing that. One of the boys threw the marijuana cigarette and that set Larry off, he grabbed him and put him in a headlock, which scared the other boys even more. Two of them set off running and Larry tazed one of them, and then fired a few shots above the other ones head hoping to scare him, which it did. That boy fell down and twisted his ankle, after the boy Larry had in a chokehold passed out, Larry got a bit excited and kicked the last one standing in the face knocking him out cold. After that Larry stuffed them all into the back of his cruiser and brought them in, oh boy were their parents furious, and I don’t blame them. And I don’t blame Larry either. After that whole incident we called a specialist from the city to have a look at Larry, that fella came up with the conclusion that Larry was an addict. Apparently Larry is addicted to adrenaline, I never knew such a thing like that existed but I’m told it does. After serving on the LA police force for so many years Larry developed a tolerance to adrenaline, he had to put himself into more and more dangerous situations everyday, or else he’d feel like crap. To me that explained his behavior, of course we had to send him to rehab if he ever wanted to work on the force again. I sure hope the best for that poor kid, I hope he gets the help he needs.

Holmes is currently on paid leave and is attending an outpatient rehab facility. When he graduates in a week he will once again be working on the force, at his new post in Chicago.