The Curse that Cost a Super Bowl

The popular belief that anyone, who negatively says or does anything, towards Donald Trump, will fall subject to the Trump curse is a popular urban legend these days. The curse of the Trump is said to have weighed heavily on the outcome of the Mayweather, McGregor fight, in favor Mayweather. Of course the curse of Trump, that money makin’ fella Mayweather’s buddy, didn’t touch him, it did however claim Conor McGregor for his harsh tongued words against the orange-gilt president. A somewhat silly, yet rather creative website even exists displaying the victims of the Trump curse. So where is this going? Who will be the next victim? As of last night Tom Brady and his beloved Patriots succumb to the curse, and with him fell a Super Bowl victory. Brady’s lifelong friend, Mike Carchi, explains:

I thought they might lose, I’m not sure I believe in the Trump Curse as much as I believe in the power of the mind, especially Tom’s. He wouldn’t shut up about it, as soon as he won the AFC championship he started to lose his mind. He called me up and said to me, “Mike, I’m not going to win this one, I’ve already lost, I shouldn’t have insulted the president like that, I should have gone to the White House last year after I won what I now know to be my final Super Bowl victory.” I asked him what the hell he was talking about, and told him that he’d win it this year and to stop worrying, he just said to me, “you don’t understand, I’m done.” He was right I didn’t understand, so I asked him to explain, and all he said to me was, “the Trump curse man, the Trump curse, I’m going to lose this one and then I’ll most likely retire.” I had to look up this curse, after I did I must admit it spooked me a bit, but that was beside the point. Like I said, whether the curse is real or not Tom’s mind is, if he convinced himself that he was going to lose, then he was going to lose, the mind is the creator of reality after all. I helped him get that silly thought out of his mind and back into victory, he went into the game with 100% confidence. Maybe the curse is real, or maybe Nick Foles and the Eagles wanted it more, either way it was one hell of a game.

Tom Brady was unable to be reached for a comment, but word has it that he called Donald Trump to apologize to him for not attending his fancy dinner party last year. The Trump curse carries on and is said to grow stronger with every shade of tan Trump grows. Who it will claim next no one knows, it all depends on you.