God Grant Me the Serenity

A small town police department has recently fallen under investigation by Internal Affairs after a drug bust at a local Narcotics Anonymous meeting. The small town of Lansdale New York has seen its fair share of drug addiction. With a meager population of about 3,000 souls, Lansdale felt the cold hand of the current opium epidemic hit hard. Lansdale rests right between New York City, and Rochester, two big cities with heroin on every corner, and cutting through the small town is the highway that connects the two. Police have discovered that Lansdale receives large amounts of heroin when it moves between the two cities. With one in every seven twenty to forty year-olds addicted to heroin in Lansdale, one might assume that that towns NA meetings would be full of people trying to recover, but that was not the case. A police officer named Charles Sikorski founded that particular meeting in 2013, and since then its attendance has skyrocketed. One of the groups members, Randy Jorgen, sheds some light on the issue:

I’ve been attending NA meetings for years, I was 3 years clean when Officer Sikorski first started the Thursday night meeting. The thing of it was is that I was clean, drug free in every respect, but I was still just sitting around doing nothing, watching Netflix, watching porn, and going to the same shitty job I had when I was high all of the time. I wasn’t getting anywhere and I felt very frustrated about that, one day I said as much at the meeting and when it was over Officer Sikorski talked to me in private. He told me that he understood where I was coming from, and he asked me what I wanted to do about it. I told him that I honestly just wanted to get high when I felt so down, so he asked me on what. Of course I said heroin, but the response I got wasn’t what I expected. He said to me, “heroin is the wrong drug, that’s what got you in here in the first place, now cocaine, cocaine’s the way to go. Let me ask you something, have you ever met anybody in a meeting who said they were addicted to cocaine, not crack, just cocaine?” When he asked me that it made me think, that was true, most people come here for smack or pill addiction, alcoholics and of course crack heads too, but not just cocaine, so I asked him what his point was and he replied. “Why don’t you give it a try, coke heads are crushing life as we speak,” I told him that maybe I would one day and he just handed me a bag and said, “this ones on the house.” The cocaine really helped, I quit my job and started my own business selling tennis ball infused metal sculptures, I lost a lot of weight and just felt really great all of the time. I understood what he meant, and so did a lot of other people I’m guessing, based on the number of folks who come to the meetings.

Local police sent an undercover officer into the meeting every Thursday to see what was going on. The undercover officer, new to the Lansdale police force, didn’t know Officer Sikorski, so when the time came he bought cocaine and arrested Officer Sikorski like any other suspect. When the undercover brought him back to the station for processing, the chief was shocked and outraged, he was upset that one of his men had got caught. Sikorski was forced to take two weeks leave with pay. Internal Affairs caught a whiff of the incident and are now investigating the Lansdale Police Department. After selling all of his belongings for cocaine, Randy Jorgen decided that it would be a good idea to check himself into rehab at his earliest convenience.