Celebrity Exposes Evil in Hollywood

American actor, Travis Knoll, has come forward with his dark tales of Hollywood, and the personal war that he has fought against its most illustrious alumni. His upcoming book, The Depravity Behind the Silver Screen, will be available soon in limited quantities. I had a chance to sit down with Travis to discuss his book and his career in Hollywood, I was taken back but not surprised by what he had to say. The following is a transcript of some of the questions I asked in my interview with the one and only Travis Knoll.

Lexi: What is your book about?

Travis: My book is about the truly twisted sexual nature of several key Hollywood players.

Lexi: Can you elaborate?

Travis: Well, I go into great detail about the personal lives of some very so-called important people within the industry. I expose them for the sick people that they really are. I also have a lot of photographs within my book to show readers as well, so they will know the truth without a doubt.

Lexi: What is the true sexual nature of these key Hollywood players?                                                                                                                    

Travis: The sad truth is that pedophilia and rape are rampant in the business, it’s no secret within the golden circle and it’s as common as fish in a lake. When you’re on set, at an awards ceremony, or at an invite-only party you’re going to be working with, applauding, or sharing drinks with monsters.

Lexi: How do you really know this?

Travis: As I said everybody knows about it within the community, I know because I’ve seen it happen. The first time I saw it happen I was a young man who’d just made it into the club. I had just finished my first movie and was invited to a private party at my director’s estate. After I arrived I grabbed a drink and mingled with my peers, about 45 minutes later one of the producers of the film said he wanted to congratulate my director on his successful rap with a special gift. I thought, oh this should be good, I can’t wait to see the diamond-encrusted nameplate he gets ya know, but no. The producer, Dave, brought out to Max, my director, a young boy, maybe thirteen, wearing a ribbon, I couldn’t believe it. At first I thought it was just a sick joke, then I thought I was losing my mind. I looked around at my peers and they were just drinking and carrying on like this was normal, I looked at the kid and he looked unbelievably high on God knows what kind of downers. After I was able to come to terms with what was going on I screamed, ‘hey’, as loud as I could. My peers, and the 15 or so guys surrounding Max and the boy, looked at me like I was doing something wrong for screaming, I was shocked. I then ran up to the kid, and Max, and asked them what was going on, Max told me not to worry about it. I asked the kid if he was okay, and he didn’t reply, he couldn’t even move his head to look at me, so I grabbed him by the arm to get him out of there and as soon as I did that, I felt a very large hand around my arm pulling me away. One of Max’s thugs took me across the room and asked me if there was going to be a problem, I just looked at him with disgust, I couldn’t believe that I was the problem. After a minute or two the big guy looked over at Max, who gave him the okay for me to stay gesture. Apparently he allowed me to stay because, when they first see something like that, a lot of actors react exactly like I did, but eventually they go along to get along; I guess he figured that I would do the same, but he was wrong. I decided right then and there that I’d fight this anyway that I could, so I started taking notes and pictures. That night I got some pictures of Max abusing this kid before he carried him off over his shoulder to a private room. That kid who was thirteen twenty years ago is now a very famous actor.

Lexi: Did you see incidents like that ever again?

Travis: Unfortunately yes, and worse. I didn’t become accustomed to it like others, and I didn’t try to dull the situation by diving head first into heavy drug use as many actors do, and now you know why they do. I just took notes and pictures, of course after that first situation I didn’t go to any parties unless my career depended on it, but I still saw a lot at the few parties I attended.

Lexi: Why did you decide to come out with this book now?

Travis: People are waking up, after pizzagate, Bill Cosby, and Harvey Weinstein, people are beginning to realize that many, many people within the entertainment industry that they love are evil. My conscience told me my work was done and to write this book to expose the belly of the beast, I just hope it gets through to people.

Lexi: Are you worried about your book affecting your acting career?

Travis: No, I have a lot of support within the community, most people in the business are completely normal people. The only reason the majority of them don’t speak up is out of fear, because the real creeps in the industry are high up on the food chain. There will always be good people making films, good writers, good directors, good actors and so on. At the end of the day we really just want to work at our craft, and in an environment that is conducive to our creativity. We want the rapist’s and pedophiles out of our community and behind bars where they belong, I believe that in the very near future we’ll really start to really see them fall. I’m just another guy shining light on the issue, the only difference between myself and others who have done so, are the several damning pictures that I have of the true villains.

Travis Knoll’s self published book, The Depravity Behind the Silver Screen, will be on select bookshelves this year on April 14th.