Trump loses Control at Press Conference

At a press conference today a reporter asked Trump a question that caused him to fly off the handle. Sean Young, A reporter for the daily mirror, thought it would be funny to mess with Trump if he got the chance to. When the questions part of the press conference came about Young was the first chosen to ask one. In a clear voice Young said:

President Trump, what is your policy on East Korea?

Trump replied to the question as if there was nothing out of the ordinary about it, saying:

That’s a good question I’m glad you asked me that. I’ll tell you what my stance is on East Korea. I don’t like ’em! And I never have! East Korea better clean itself up before they hurt themselves playing with the toys their little round leader is so found of. I tell ya, he’s like a little boy who’s just discovered his penis! He’s always talking about his rocket while pointing it right at you and playing with it. Nobody likes that. Chubby little rocket man can play with his tiny rocket all he likes over there, he can blow himself and East Korea to hell if he wants to, who cares. It’s when he threatens America that I start to get angry. I just want to remind our pudgy friend in East Korea that nobody’s rocket is bigger than America’s rocket, and if you mess around with us you know where it’s goin’ go. Sure it’d be nice if East Korea was more like West Korea but we don’t always get what we want –

Right in the middle of his answer one of Trump’s aid’s interrupted him. Chuckles among the reporters caught Trump’s attention just as his aid whispered something into his ear. Fortunately Trump’s microphone picked up what he had said:

Come on! It’s North Korea and South Korea, are you kidding me right now?

After hearing what his aid said Trump paused, looked down for a moment, and then turned around and punched his aid right in the face. The aid grabbed his nose which was pouring blood and started yelling inaudible things, until Trump punched him again, this time knocking him out cold. Trump then turned around, raised his fist and shouted, “power to the people,” before walking away.