The Future is Now

The future of smart devices has arrived. The new CreeX promises faster connectivity, more memory, and more features than any device ever before. When it hits the market the CreeX will cost you about $3,000, but for a limited time you can get your very own for an incredibly low price, courtesy of the United States government. FuTrWare Tech has partnered with the National Security Agency in order to bring you the deal of a lifetime. President of FuTrWare Tech and spokesman for the NSA, Alan Silver, addressed the public today about CreeX. Silver stated:

The CreeX is a marvelous product, and for anybody who is on the go and a smart phone user, it’s a must have. The CreeX is a small circuit board which is implanted into your temple and can be accessed via voice commands, which are programmed to recognize your voice, or with a button which is implanted into your ear lobe. The CreeX is truly one of a kind, its features a virtually endless. With its patented GELcore processor, the memory of the unit can always be filled to a higher quantity as needed. Though with our cloud based storage that will only be necessary as the world advances, and terabytes are replaced by petabytes, and so on. The user interface can be completely customized and can be seen through the retina implant, when the system is engaged. It can also be accessed by linking the CreeX to a computer, smart phone, or tablet. The CreeX sees what you see so taking pictures and shooting video is a breeze, and music is a snap with the inner ear head phones that connect right to your ear drums, you’ll hear like never before. The unit as a whole will start around $3,000, which is a steal, but, for a limited time those who sign up on will receive a CreeX for the unbelievable price of one dollar. And, if you have children in the house under the age of eighteen you can get theirs for only fifty cents. New born babies older than three days are also eligible to receive a CreeX. There is no shortage of these but act now to receive your discounted CreeX, surgeons are standing by.

The CreeX will also participate in a nationwide, soon to be worldwide, contest to see which state has the most activity when it comes to walking, running, biking, sleeping, eating, and more. Get yours today!