Car Accident Reveals Truth

One of Trump’s assistant’s, George Stein, has been hospitalized due to a broken leg after a severe car accident. Though the general public are not displaying much sympathy for him, they are however going nuts over what police found in Stein’s car. Recovered from his car were several books including; Fatherland, Mein Kampf, and International Jew: The World’s Foremost Problem, along with a Nazi SS helmet. The police were not going to turn the collection over to the public, it was a reporter covering the accident who noticed the books and helmet and reported what he had seen. Stein did give an interview to the press, while under the influence of morphine, in which he said:

I have no idea where those books came from and if they where even there in the first place. You can’t trust the media, they lie all the time, that’s how they make their living. However, what would be so wrong with reading those books in the first place? Germany was a great country during the time of Hitler. I mean some would even go so far as to say Hitler was a great man, of course I’m not saying that. Though some of us work for people who admire the guy so some of us need to brush up on his ideals. Some people think that the Jews rule the world, of course I’m not one of those people but they’re out there. Of course some of us work for people who may think that. Some of us have bosses who were business men in a big city before getting into politics who complain about Jews, so again it would be wise to study the subject. Your boss might say things like, “I’m sick of all these Jews,” but that doesn’t mean you yourself have those thoughts. I’m just saying, if those hypothetical books were real, that may be the case. As for the helmet, shit that’s just cool to have.

After his interview went public Stein was immediately fired from the Trump administration. When Stein realized what he had said he demanded he be moved at once from his current hospital in New York City.