The New Craze Sweeping the Nation

A new trend among high school students inadvertently caused a panic at the Headquarters of the United Nations in New York City today. The most recent craze among teenagers these days is called the $1.03 challenge, which consists of trying to swallow one hundred and three pennies in less than one hour. Obviously swallowing any number of pennies can and will most luckily be detrimental to your well-being, but today, the $1.03 challenge created quite another challenge for security at the UNHQ.

A group of students visiting NYC from a small town in New Jersey decided to kill some time by accepting the $1.03 challenge while riding the bus into New York this early morning. Of the thirty students on the bus, twenty-six of them decided to consume pennies in hopes of beating the challenge by eating one hundred and three of them. By the time the students had reached the UNHQ the pennies had made their way deep within them. As the class entered to visit the United Nations building they were required, like all visitors, to step through a metal detector. The security guard in charge of the metal detector, called his superior down, after he grew confused, and concerned, when the vast majority of students set the machine off, even after emptying their pockets. When the higher ranking security guard finished thoroughly searching the students, with the same result, he wasn’t sure what to do, until one student cracked a dumb joke at the wrong time.

One student said to the already stressed guards, “this would be a hell of a way to sneak a massive bomb in wouldn’t it be? Right here in our stomachs, how do you know our teacher didn’t make us do that?” When the security guards heard that they began to worry, until they noticed the teacher, who was of Pakistani descent, the began to panic. They started screaming into their radios “10-89!, 10-89!,” while other visitors took notice and started running towards the exits slipping on the wet floor. When the twenty-nine other students, who had no idea what was going on, noticed everybody running and screaming, they too began to freak out. As their teacher tried to calm them down he was tackled to the ground by a police officer who came out of nowhere, the students who were running all over the place were also detained.

By the time police officers and security personnel had moved the students and their teacher to a secure room, the ones who swallowed the pennies began to groin in pain. Some of the students began throwing up pennies all over the place. Their teacher, who was gagged and strapped to a chair, somehow loosened his gag and began shouting, “those idiots swallowed pennies, get them to the hospital, google $1.03 challenge, I’m sure that’s what these morons were up to, and let me out of this chair!” After police googled $1.03 challenge and observed the state of the students they rushed them to the hospital. Even though all of the students are fine, they and their whole town are now banned from New York forever. Their teacher is suing the Headquarters of the United Nations.