Poker Players against Trump; and trump

Amidst the era of President Donald Trump, and the many who hate him with a passion burning hotter than the fires of hell, a new group wanting to put their two cents in as to how we can erase Trump from the collective mind, if only just a little, made their cause known today. Among the very small group of professional poker players in America, an even smaller group, within that group, has come forth with their petition that they will hand over to the APC, American Poker Council, once they acquire enough signatures. The group of poker players called the GTO, Get Trump Out, are trying to remove the term ‘trump’ from the game. They believe that once they have 10,000 signatures the APC will have to listen to them, and will change the saying to something new. According to Bob Walker, spokesman for the GTO:

The term trump, and trumped, and trumps, is used quite a lot in my line of work these days. My full house trumps your three of a kind, looks like his ace high straight trumped your jack high straight, and so on and so on. And don’t forget about the trump card in the suit, these guys just love to say trump I think. Ever since Trump got elected, and the majority of poker players who like the guy found out that a small number of us hate him, they’ve been using those terms far more than one ever should at our level, which is never. So, because of that we are asking for the support of our fellow professional poker players, and amateurs alike, to sign our petition. We will submit it to the APC as soon as we reach 10,000 signatures. It is our goal to change the term trump, to woobadang. Though I don’t know what it means, it came about when a player named Tim got excited when he beat a top player, he shouted “woobadang! Right across your face!” After that, it just kind of stuck. I think it sounds much nicer than trump, and it fits in well with the game, for example, my king woobadangs your queen, works better. Hopefully our petition will work and players will have to shout that rather than trump. If that’s the case I doubt anybody will be calling out their woobadang suit or woobadang card, and the game will just go back to normal. You can show your support for our cause by sporting #woobadang.

Though it would be a lot of fun to shout woobadang, if the urge arose, at the poker table, it looks as if the term trump is here to stay. As of now the overwhelming number of poker players who stand against the petition trump the number of those who signed it.