Comedians Rally

Comedians across America have organized and are determined to infiltrate Antifa and other left-wing political organizations. The organization known as CLT, Comedians Last Stand, is made up of stand up comics around the US and Canada who say they are fed up with some left winged politics. CLT is hoping to infiltrate far left leaning organizations in hopes of lightning them up by showing them that nearly everything is funny, if you look at it the right way. Spokesman for CLT, Randy Newman, stated:

Being a comic in this country was once a great thing, it was like I never had to grow up. I could keep on playing, but these days its become real work. I mean c’mon man sometimes it’s funny to rag on gay people, or fat people, or Asians, or women, or trannies, or poor people, or white folks, well shit you can still joke about white people but the rest of them, forget about it, and the list keeps growing everyday. Hell I got booed off the stage last week for crackin’ a joke about a one-eyed cab driver, it’s really getting ridiculous out there. I can’t even play college towns anymore for fear that I might hurt somebody’s feelings by challenging their inflated sense of righteousness. I don’t know what the hell happened, after Trump got elected people got real serious about the dumbest shit, without even realizing that Trump being elected may be the funniest thing that has ever happened. Man, I was on the subway the other day and across from me sitting was this real big drag queen, or transgender type, I’m not sure, anyway sitting next to him was this real little effeminate gay dude, you know the type, so this little gay dude makes a really funny face right, and then he whispers, very loudly I might add, to the big drag queen next to him, “excuse me miss, your dick is hanging out,” and this big guy gets all embarrassed, tucks it away, and then thanks him with this real deep voice, oh my God I almost died laughing. The next thing I know an army of red haired fat women and skinny little dudes dressed in black are ready to beat the shit out of me, I couldn’t believe it. The point is that some shit is funny, and we shouldn’t have to hold back our laughter. Our little group CLT, is going to go around and teach these damn kids to laugh again, laugh at yourselves, it’s the best medicine.

Though Newman gave a statement to the press, we are still waiting on members of CLT to surface in political organizations. Some believe that CLT is just a rumor.