The Future of Automobiles

RegaCor has unveiled their newest police and military vehicle, which will take many by surprise. The SLX76 is a work of art, that looks and operates like a cross between a Shelby Cobra Mustang, and a Humvee. The unique look and feel of the automobile is sure to intimidate anyone who sees it in the rear-view mirror, but what’s going to scare the hell out of you is the futuristic technology, called chameleox, infused into the armor plating and bullet proof windows surrounding the beastly vehicle. Constructed into the body of the car is a plasma like screen connected to a supercomputer securely tucked away in the trunk. This mind-blowing technology allows the SLX76 to literally appear like any vehicle that the operator wants it to. And due to its unique size, the SLX76 can perfectly morph into virtually any four-wheeled car, truck, or van on the road. The SLX76 can also mimic motorcycle’s due to its state of the art technology which can make the vehicle look transparent around smaller vehicles that it’s mimicking. And speaking of transparency, if the driver and passengers are wearing the specialized suits, also made of chameleox, they and the SLX76 can disappear into thin air. Sgt. Patrick O’Hara, of the New York City Police Department, speaks of taking the SLX76 out for a spin:

I love this truck, she rides like a dream. Before I even tried out the cloaking device I just drove her around for an hour or so enjoying the ride. I did get to utilize the SLX76 in all of its glory though, and it was great. As you know there is a heroin epidemic plaguing our great nation as we speak, fortunately we now have this wonderful vehicle to combat the scum who profit from the misery. With a weapon like this we weren’t about to just go after low-level street dealers, no, we went after the big fish, and it was too easy. For example, in some cases we figured out exactly what kind of cars certain high level dealers were driven around in, then we figured out what their drivers looked like. When we got all of that information we just fed it into the computer system of the SLX76, and the smart suits, and then went to pick them up. These idiots got right into the car, and before they knew it they were sitting in the back of a police car holding bags of money or dope, it was great. With the SLX76 we’re able to follow anybody for as long as we want to without them knowing it, we can drive anywhere always staying under the radar, we can even make it look like we’re a car with the rims removed, if we want to sit there and stake something out. The SLX76 really is a game changer, and it’s fun as all hell to drive around in.

It is estimated that by June of this year there will be about 20,000 SLX76 trucks in use by law enforcement across the US, particularly in major cities. It is unknown how many SLX76 trucks are in use at this time by US military services.