Hollywood’s Next Big Thing

The new trend called lampin’ is making its way across the county, and is only made possible by the fast growing dental procedure named nerodomy. Nerodomy is a procedure that kills the nerve endings in your teeth using a state of the art machine found in select dentist office’s. Nerodomy is meant to be used as a cure-all for extremely sensitive teeth, but many have used their painless teeth as a template for several new fashion statements. Aside from chipping, and shaping ones teeth, several people have begun engraving their teeth, and even carving intricate designs straight through them. This carving craze, along with a flame placed on the tongue behind the teeth, is what celebrity magazines have dubbed, lampin’. To acquire a good set of lampin’ teeth one must have at least ten of them carved. Since lampin’ has grown in popularity, more tattoo shops have stocked up on the necessary equipment needed to do the job. Using a dentist’s drill a tattoo artist carves out the desired pattern which is first burned into the teeth. Hollywood Artist Joe Donal explains how lampin came to be:

It all started by mistake kind of. I was engraving some designs into my teeth, as one does after nerodomy, and I accidentally punched a hole through one of them. I was kinda pissed at first because I thought I ruined the design, but after a minute or two I figured I would just carve my etchings all the way through. When I was done I was stoked, but when I showed my friends they didn’t really believe that I carved the pattern all the way through, they thought I just painted my engraving. So, to show them I brought them into the bathroom, turned out the lights, and then put a flaming cotton ball on my tongue and then shut my teeth. They loved it, hell I loved it, it was the first time any of us saw the fire through the carving. A friend of mine said, “dude you look like a jack-o-lantern,” and then his friend said, ” dude, he’s lampin’,” the term just stuck. I think the reason it became so popular is because my one friends buddy is this big movie star, and a few days later he got it done. After he did it this magazine that has all the stars in it did like a ten page article on him, and that was that.

More and more celebrities are lampin’ everyday, if you’d like to be lampin’ check your local tattoo shop. Because tooth carving is only semi-legal you have to say to your local artist, “Jack sent me.”