An Advertisements Evil Deal

The company behind the upcoming movie, Curse, is being sued after putting out the following advertisement.

The curse is coming. Will you fall prey with the sheep who bow before a false god? Or will you break the curse and stand with the one true god? Show the lord Satan you are worthy. Film an act displaying your ultimate devotion to Satan and unlock a privileged offering from #CURSEMOVIE on 4/13/18 lift the curse. The greater the act, the greater the privilege.

Following this advertisement several people have taken the deal from cursemovie. Their prize is a sneak peek at the movie itself. As advertised, the more extreme your devilish act is, the more of a preview you will get, by increments of one second. Several people have filmed themselves cutting themselves and receive a preview of about two minutes and thirty seconds Many others have filmed themselves sacrificing small animals and receive a preview of about two minutes and thirty-five seconds.

One man however took things farther than any other and will receive a preview of about three minutes. Kyle Cox burnt his elderly neighbors, Jack and Sarah McCormick’s, house down while they were sleeping inside. A fan of the upcoming movie, Kyle, became very excited after seeing the ad and vowed to do something extreme. In the middle of the night Kyle drove to the gas station and bought $666 worth of gas which he drove back to his house. After arriving back home, Kyle, pumped most of the gasoline into balloons, which he then fastened around the McCormick’s home. After Kyle had finished with the balloons he splashed the remaining gasoline against the McCormick home and lit it on fire. The McCormick’s, who were in their 70’s and asleep upstairs, didn’t stand a chance. The house was instantly engulfed in flames. By the time the fire department arrived there was virtually nothing left, except Kyle who was filming the whole thing. After Kyle saw the police arrive he ran into the near by woods and uploaded the video. Police found him shortly after and arrested him.

Kyle Cox will now spend the rest of his life in prison, he is eligible for parole in the year 2124. Through a thick plate of glass a friend showed Kyle the three-minute preview that he was awarded, though he was unable to hear the sound through the prison phone. Kyle will never see the movie Curse. The McCormick family, along with several other families, have sued those behind Curse. Though Curse grossed tens of millions of dollars those behind it  will be in debt for years to come.