Snow Melting Protest

The organization know as the OTO, Oppress The Oppressors, strongly disagree with the saying, white Christmas, they claim that anything to do with a white Christmas is extremely racist, so they tried to ban people from using the term shortly before this holiday season. Having failed in their ban they decided to spread a message against a white Christmas.

Several members of the OTO took it upon themselves to melt as much snow as they possibly could in an area where people would surely see it. They set out on Christmas eve with several portable heaters and blow torches and began to melt the snow on a large hill alongside I-90. It took them about 6 hours to melt most of the snow on a hill approximately the length of a football field. When they were done they packed up and ran off into the night leaving behind a bare and muddy hill. Of course the OTO didn’t think about what would happen to all of the snow once it melted.

The melted snow caused gallons upon gallons of freezing cold water to run down the hill and settle right on top of interstate 90, the only place it had to go. The melted snow water froze almost instantly causing a thick sheet of black ice to spread across the highway for nearly 100 yards. Cars traveling I-90 didn’t stand a chance. As soon as they hit the ice they started to lose control, and even those that gained momentary control couldn’t hold it for as long as the ice stretched. Luckily the road was lightly traveled by the time the snow had melted and turned to ice, but still, 13 cars carrying several passengers didn’t fare so well. luckily no one was seriously injured. Though the OTO melted most of the snow upon the hill, a fresh coat of new snow covered it back up shortly after they had left. The OTO are facing several criminal charges for the damage that they had caused by turning white snow into black ice.