Texas Shooting was NRA designed False Flag Attack

A source wishing to remain nameless has come forward claiming the Texas shooting was a false flag operation set up by the NRA. The NRA allegedly coaxed Devin Patrick Kelley and hired two men to shoot him after he opened fire but their plan didn’t work out as intended. According to the unknown source:

We at the NRA knew that Devin was a diagnosed sociopath based on his medical records that we had obtained. After he was court-martialed for assaulting his wife and stepson he starting hanging around with some really unsavory characters which lead him to join the worst of humanity in antifa. We don’t know if his outright hatred of God and willing to kill for his atheistic beliefs were instilled into him by antifa but we did know where is heart lied. I was asked to persuade Devin to do something that he was already planning to do, I just pointed him in the direction that we wanted him to go. He would talk a lot about bombing St. Patrick’s cathedral in New York saying he wanted to attack the root, Catholicism, of all the Christian religions and saying in New York City where most of his alternative left financial support came from knowing his supporters would be pleased. Over the course of a few months I persuaded him to first practice his wrath on the church of his ex-wife and with a gun rather than a bomb, which he did.

The unknown source also stated that the NRA had hired two men to shoot and kill Devin as soon as he started firing in hopes of giving the American people a hero that used a gun to stop a madman from conducting another mass shooting.

We hired two men to assassinate Devin as soon as he opened fire but unfortunately that did not happen. We wanted to give birth to a gun-toting hero and wanted the people of this country to be thankful that many citizens carry concealed firearms in hopes of combating all this ridiculous gun legislation coming from the left. After the false flag in Vegas set up by the left we on the right and within the NRA figured we should fight fire with fire so we set it up, unfortunately we don’t have as much experience as others when conducting a false flag. Our two plants arrived late to the church where Devin opened fire, we don’t know exactly why they were held up but we believe they were outside of a different church. unfortunately by the time our two men showed up that bastard had already done unspeakable damage. At least we shot him a couple of times, I just wish the bastard didn’t put one in his own head we wanted to lynch that son of a bitch.

The unknown source has come forward but decided to remain nameless because, as he states.

I couldn’t live with myself knowing what I know, I had to get it off of my chest that this was all by design. I’m not sure you’d be hearing this story if Devin was killed on the spot before he could hurt a soul, but since it didn’t work out that way here I am. I’m keeping my identity unknown as I fear for my life at present, there are powerful forces within the NRA who will be looking to silence me for good. In hindsight maybe I saved some lives when I talked him out of bombing St. Patrick’s cathedral but all the same I beg your forgiveness.

The NRA denies all allegations that the Texas shooting was a false flag attack.