Lost in the Woods and the Ultimate Psychedelic Trip

A forty-six year old man recently emerged from the forest after missing for fifteen days. Pete Strong left his home in mid October to spend a weekend backpacking in the Adirondack mountains, little did he know he would be lost in the woods for two weeks fighting for survival. On his second day Strong left his campsite to hike down the mountain, on his descent he noticed that his pants were ripped and that he was bleeding from thorns he had just scraped against. When he turned around to take a closer look at the tree that had got him he saw that it was the very rare and deadly adieu locust tree, the most toxic plant in all the world. Strong knew what was coming, he didn’t try to run back to his campsite as it would’ve been futile, all he could do was sit down and pray. Within sixty seconds the toxins had reached his brain and reality melted away. The toxin from the adieu locust is the worlds most powerful hallucinogen and the effects last a minimum of ten days. Strong explains,

I knew what was coming when I saw that tree, when I turned to look I felt the effects creeping up my legs, I didn’t think I’d make it out, most people wouldn’t make it, luckily I’ve had some experience with what I now consider more mild hallucinogens like LSD, peyote, and DMT which gave me the edge to survive. The one thing I could do was tell myself this wasn’t real.

Though the effects of the adieu locust poison far exceed the effects of any recreational or religious hallucinogens one thing remains the same between them, everything is just in your mind. The effects of the adieu locust create a powerful fantasy world which perfectly paints itself into the reality in which one exists, but completely destroys any sense of true self and reason. Strong said,

I had forgotten that a friend of mine lent me his GoPro video camera that I strapped to my belt, from what I remember and what I see on the footage I believed that I had joined a family of deer as they were moving deep into the woods to avoid hunting season. There is footage of me jumping onto the back of a deer I somehow landed on from a tree I had climbed and then being thrown off a few yards away, I believe it was that incident that made me think I was living with and accepted by them, for two weeks I was having conversations with these imaginary deer. I remember my imaginary deer family had left me in the woods when they saw me eating a squirrel I miraculously caught, the video freaked me out a bit when I watched it as I just started eating a live squirrel, so I understand. Of course my deer family accepted me back when I fought of an evil bear that was their enemy, there is footage of me actually chasing a bear down like a gorilla or something, thank God the bear was confused and ran off. I’m lucky to be alive, it was that minuscule voice in the back of my head that told me nothing was real and that it would all wear off soon that kept me going even when I was eating raw squirrel.

Strong was found wandering a dirt road 290 miles away from the tree that had poisoned him, with his clothes lost and his body covered in squirrel fur he flagged down a passing truck which brought him back to civilization. Strong is now writing a book titled The Secret to Squirrels.