Shootout at the OK Crack House

Three DEA agents engaged in a shootout with six officers from the NYPD last night in Queens NY. The NYPD sent five of its men to a home owned by Rudy ‘OK’ Ramirez, one of NY’s most infamous drug lords, to make a buy last night to build a case against Ramirez. When they arrived on the scene two officers entered the home while the other three waited outside. As the two officers were purchasing a kilo of heroin within the home, one of the officers outside noticed one of Ramirez’s men reach into his coat. Believing the man was going for his gun the officer who spotted him began to fire into the house while screaming “drop it!” The man who was allegedly going for his gun was one of three DEA agents working undercover also to bring Ramirez down. The DEA agent the officer thought was going for his gun dropped the pack of cigarettes that he had just gotten from his jacket pocket and grabbed his gun from the holster tucked into his pants. When the two police officers saw this they went for their guns as the two men who were selling the cocaine, also DEA agents, went for their guns.

The three DEA agents and the five police officers then took cover as quickly as possible as they all opened fire on one and other while screaming “DEA drop your guns” and “NYPD drop your guns” at one and other. The gunfire lasted about two minutes as all the men went through all the magazines they each had on them. By the time the last few gunshots from within the house were fired uniformed police were on the scene. Not knowing the men inside were DEA agents, and their fellow officers, they fired several shots into the house until one of the uniformed officers recognized the voice of his fellow officer coming from within the house.

After all, the shooting had stopped and everything was sorted out the six police officers and three DEA agents who were miraculously unscathed dusted themselves off and embarrassingly introduced themselves to one and other. After discovering that Ramirez, who was in the back of the house, was laying on the floor with several gunshot wounds to the head along with twelve of Ramirez’s soldiers were found riddled with bullets lying dead around the house the eight agents and officers went out for a late night drink. While entering the bar they were mistaken for Ramirez’s men by another drug lord which resulted in a gunfight which took the life of another drug lord and seven of his men. After that incident, the eight agents and officers decided to go across town to another bar.