Fidget Spinning Torture

Mark and Diane Henderson, foster parents living in New Jersey, have been arrested for abusing all twelve of their foster children. Concerns were raised last week when Hector, one of the Hendersons’ foster children, told his friend George that he could not come over and play because he had to come home and spin. Later that day George told his parents, Julie and Evan Smith, what Hector had told him previously that day. With their curiosity’s peaked the Smith’s paid a visit to the Hendersons’ home and though they were greeted with kind words they found it strange that the Henderson’s were very adamant about not letting them into their house, feeling something was amiss the Smith’s decided to peek into the home through the window. The Smith’s didn’t see anything out of the ordinary, they had thought, when they saw several kids playing with fidget spinners, they then assumed Hector was just obsessed with the latest fidget spinning craze and decided not to play with George that day because he had left his fidget spinner at home.

A few weeks later George and Hector were hanging out on the playground at school when George noticed Hector’s fingers were scabbed over. When he asked him what had happened Hector told him that he had hurt his fingers playing with his fidget spinner too much. When George got home from school that day he told his parents about Hector’s fingers and after hearing their son’s story called child protective services and reported the Henderson’s.

The following day police visited the Henderson residence and what they found was shocking. Police found multiple fidget spinners in every room of the house and saw that every child in there was spinning two or more at a time even while they ate, while they bathed, and in bed until they fell asleep. The Henderson’s forced their foster children to play with fidget spinners all hours of the day as they had wired them to produce electricity.  The power generated from the children spinning their fidgets was enough to completely power the house. The children were told that in order to enjoy the luxuries of refrigerated food, television, or lights, for example, they had to fidgetly spin throughout the day and night. The Henderson’s declined an interview with the press but were overheard saying, don’t worry we’ll be fine, with the money we’ve saved on electricity we’ll be able to buy our way out just like Kathie Lee Gifford. The Henderson’s were not fine, they each received ten years in prison and word has it they are forced to fidget other inmates all day and night in order to stay alive. All twelve children moved into the Smith’s mansion and are happier than ever.