FJK Attacks the TFC network with botnets

In an email received by the TFC editorial staff, the Facebook page “Fuck Justin King” has taken responsibility for the outages the TFC sites experienced yesterday (December, 1st). The page has avidly spoken out against Justin King and his cult-like following for a while now.

Some believed the page was an elaborate troll by King and allies, but hopefully with this new revelation will show it is in fact not Justin.

When asked in a response email how it was done the perpetrators responded, we used a sophisticated botnet written and designed by the creators of the page to only target your pages and not the host servers.

They continued to say:

“we know this email will be shared and we also know the average tech skills of your readers through data mining of the TFC pages, so basically in words your readers can understand,
picture Ms. Swan from Saturday Night Live back in the early 2000s when she went shopping for a remote control, ‘Doot doot da doot, beep. GO'”

The issue has since been resolved and we are working to make sure it doesnt happen again. In a final statement the page correspondent said there is more to come because

“Fuck Justin King”

King responded via a 6-hour video featuring a whiteboard.