One Man’s House is Another Man’s Shed

Kevin and Julie Warsaw, two of the original proponent’s of Little House Big Living and outspoken members of Go Green or Go Home, recently sold their off the grid, self-sustaining, and zero carbon emission property to the 19-year-old daughter of billionaire Randall Lemming, much to the surprise and shock of the community they’ve been a big part of for years. Apparently, Alexis Lemming had been hiking when she got lost in the woods and stumbled onto the Warsaw’s property. When she saw their house, she fell in love and offered to pay them handsomely for it. Alexis had been keeping her many Twitter followers aware of her hiking situation and when she saw the Warsaw home she tweeted.

OMG! I found my new doll house!

Alexis had never seen anything like the Warsaw’s home, she couldn’t believe people actually lived in it. Alexis asked them if she could buy their house and told them to name a price that money wouldn’t be an issue. The Warsaw’s, who didn’t believe Alexis, said they would take one million dollars for it and not a penny less. Alexis immediately wrote them a check, thanked them for keeping the price low and gave Julie one of the necklaces she was wearing as a keepsake. The Warsaw’s moved out the following day.

After a spending a few hours on her new property Alexis got bored of it and went home, her father Randall who has since looked into the land stated.

Well, at first I was a bit upset at Lexi for spending any amount of money on that shed, but after my team looked into the property they discovered it was sitting on a massive natural gas reserve which will make me a large profit so I decided to move the shed here and put it in our shed just in case Lexi wants to play in it again.

After the money they had spent on a lavish estate in Colorado with all the trimmings was gone, and their home was sold after they realized they couldn’t pay for the upkeep of it, the Warsaw’s returned to the forest in hopes of finding a community, like the one they used to belong to, to help them build a new self-sustaining home. When they realized the worth of the necklace Alexis gave Julie they sold it and have since moved out of the forest, again, and back into their Colorado estate, again.