Egg on your shoe

Five junior high school students and one elementary school student were arrested and charged with hate crime related felonies for throwing eggs at college students Megan Little and Roger Toddy. Six kids who had heard stories from their parents, and uncles, and aunts about running all over town and having a lot of fun while getting into battles with other kids using shaving cream and eggs decided they wanted to give it a try. One of the kids stated that,

I would hear my dad and my uncle talk about playing on Halloween with shaving cream. From what it sounded like the streets were a war zone for all the kids in the neighborhood to battle each other for one night in town and even the police didn’t care as long as kids weren’t breaking people’s stuff or anything. His stories sounded so much fun, and even though my uncle says nobody is allowed to have any fun these days because of some people called the PC police, I decided I’ve never seen a PC policeman, I don’t think, so I thought I’m gonna have some fun with my friends.

After hearing his dad’s stories the kid told his friends and fellow students about it in school and nearly everyone he told said they would participate in the shaving cream battle. Last Saturday night the six students armed themselves with multiple cans of Shave Cream and a couple of eggs and headed out to have some fun with their classmates. After only seeing people trick or treating they decided to check their off the grid hang out areas and went into the park. According to another kid,

After walking around for a long time we decided to check out the park to see if anybody was hiding there. We crept through the woods and saw a guy and a girl walking around our spot. We thought it was Mark and Julie because of the things they were saying and we figured they were bored because they were playing Pokémon Go so we thought we’d have a battle and threw some eggs.

After the eggs landed the kids heard Megan and Roger asking each other what that was spattered on their shoes, they then heard Megan in a terrified voice scream “its eggs!” The kids then heard Roger start to panic as well as he started running towards the kids saying “don’t worry Megan I’ll get the violators!” The kids then began to run as Roger chased them out of the park. In their haste the kids ran into a patrolling police officer. The police officer asked the kids what they were doing and when he heard their story he told them to go on home just as Roger emerged from the woods. Roger then told the officer he would be pressing charges as he and Megan had egg on their shoe and they will be traumatized because they are vegan. The officer tried to reason with Roger to drop it but he insisted charges be pressed. Although the kids were able to go home after a long while and their charges will be dropped Roger has continued with the support of his campus to give each child ten years in prison for throwing a couple of eggs at a couple of vegans. The kids went on record as saying they’ve finally met the PC police and they’re more terrifying than the actual police.