Alt-right Organization found digging up Confederate graves

Members of an alternative right organization in Alabama called the Brotherhood of the Bonnie Blue are facing several charges after desecrating the graves of several Southern soldiers. Police received a noise complaint coming from the house of Buford Strong, when they arrived on scene they couldn’t believe what they saw. Deputy Long stated,

“I couldn’t believe what was goin’ on, at first I just thought it was a bunch of rowdy good ol’ boys have a good ol’ fashioned shin dig. Apparently those boys were expectin’ a few police officers to show up so they invited me right in. They took me down to the cellar where I then saw about 20 or so fellas all gathered in a circle around 20 or so other fellas, except the other fellas they were gathered around were damn skeletons. I asked them if they was havin’ a Halloween party or somethin’ as I was reachin’ for a hat one a them skeletons had on. After I took the hat off I noticed that it weren’t no plastic skelton neither, no son, that sum bitch was as real as the sky is blue. Well shoot I asked them boys just what in the hell they was up to, and they told me that they had this here magic book that they was gonna use to raise up the skeletons of all them reb’s they had sittin’ on the floor there to come back and scare the hell outa some gal named Anita, I thought to myself what the hell y’all need an army of our best boys to come back and scare the livin’ day lights out of some poor gal for? Those fellas already done enough for this country anyway let them rest in peace is what I reckoned.”

The BBB had dug up the remains of 23 Confederate soldiers along with Nathan Bedford Forrest to come fight with them against members of the alternative left including Antifa. They were also in possession of an Arian book of magic which they had received from a similar German organization whom are suspected of attempting to bring back Adolf Hitler and high-ranking members of the S.S. When asked why the Brotherhood of the Bonnie Blue also dug up the founder of the Ku Klux Klan they simply said they needed a little support going after non-political and right-winged blacks, Jews and Catholics.

The Alt-Right is terrified by Antifa’s plan for November 4th. In a bizarre twist of irony, all experts on Antifa believe the November 4th plan was created by members of the Alt-Right in an effort to discredit Antifa. Instead, they have only struck fear into the hearts of their own members.