United States Navy stops North Korean Weather Machine

North Korea has been causing havoc on the American continent and other territories by using a weather manipulation device. 20 tugboats and 10 Navy vessels ranging from carries to destroyers to accompanying supply ships have successfully pulled a seven-mile long iceberg to the heated waters of the Atlantic ocean, an AWOL dolphin told me in a secret meeting early this morning. Cooling the waters with the massive iceberg, the Navy has made it almost impossible for another major storm to gather the energy needed to be a threat. By heating the ionosphere, Kim Jong-un has been making killer hurricanes and setting them loose on the Americas. Kim is also suspected of causing the earthquakes that have leveled Mexico city, and those off the coast of Japan and California.

The U.S. does not seem to have a plan to stop the quakes. Theories of going into middle earth and stabilizing tectonic plates seem to be the next move but worries of fighting Hitler’s hidden army has kept it just a theory.

“Kim really seems to have the upper hand here.” Says CIA agent Dorothy in a phone call today. “The weather Wizard is crazy!!! He will not stop until America and ‘The funny-haired man’ are destroyed. I really think if we just tied ‘The funny-haired man’ up, put him in a box, and send him, along with Justin Bieber and Dennis Rodman to Kim; then maybe he will have mercy.” Explained Dorothy.

I personally don’t think the little guy will be happy with the package. I think Kim will be bringing snow next. Possibly blizzards. So get your mittens and shovels everyone. Call it a hunch but…..

Winter is coming!!!!