NFL joins Million Mask March in DC November 5th

The entire NFL has pledged to join Anonymous in the November 5th Million Mask March in honor of GUY FAWKES and the plot to take down British Parliament.
After the NSA obtained recordings from locker rooms of team players and offices of the owners, the government is worried. The Million Mask March has gained the attention of many. Bringing important subjects forward to be fixed such as 9-11 cover-ups, the wars, climate change, oil firms stealing native land, and now the NFL brings police brutality to the United States government.

Now with the NFL in the game, Anonymous now has a defensive line and plenty of receivers to make the touchdown this year. Many teammates, officials, owners, and fans have started following the site Million Mask March. A site set up by John Anthony Fairhursts against police brutality and many other issues. Ford Fischer is said to be reporting via live stream that day. You guys wear some shoulder pads!!! These guys are big. Just an accidental bump cause they don’t see you will hurt.

I have a bad feeling D.C. police and the other guys are gonna have one heck of a fight this year. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that. Theses guys even have “game plans” ready. Some of the documents I’ve seen include tactics soon to be copied by AntiFa. Straight out of a game book but more lethal.

Reports say the Green Bay Packers along with the Steelers and New York Giants will give a perfect defensive line so the Jets, Dolphins, Chargers, and Broncos can go wide. A representative from Arizona, Caleb Johnson, reports that the Cardinals will run the right flank with the Patriots. The left flank will be pushed by ┬áLions, Tigers, and…. DA Bears.

Other teams have decided not to give details to the “game plan” but swear great victory.

It seems our great leader may be doomed. Not only has he managed to agitate the public, but now he has offended bright stars. “It’s amazing that this has happened to Colin Kaepernick.” says a mascot. “If not! No one would pay attention. You can kill a marine, shoot a ranger, and many other things and get away with it but now they are messing with the greatest side-show in the world!” the mascot continued. “Are people aware of what might happen without our great game? They might actually pick up a book and realize those guys ‘the government’ are full of shit!”

“It is and always has been the job the NFL to keep the American masses distracted so the American military can do their job fighting in hell for the flag. It is so sad that it comes to the point, that a ‘star’ must face hardship before people will finally wake up. Yes, he and others have disrespected the flag in a very public manner, and that flag represents freedoms, that were fought for by our men and women. However, those freedoms are not being upheld. We do not mean to disrespect our people who fight and die for this great nation. We want to send a message to the police and the race hating bastard in office.” An undisclosed player stated. “We will march with all who show up on November 5th this year. We will shut D.C. down for good.” She shouted as she walked away.

Is this possibly the end of Washington DC??? Will the funny-haired man get to have all the teams at the white house? Will there be blood is what we all wanna know. Tune in Nov. 5th@0900  to Ford Fischer live.