Students Kneel in Protest against School Board

As the world stage focuses the limelight on the NFL players kneeling during the national anthem many college, high school, and even peewee football players have begun to emulate their heroes. The political stance those who kneel take and how one feels about it is not the issue here, the kneeling has left the sports arena in an attempt to protest something else. In the small village of

In the small village of Dansville, several high school students saw their football playing peers kneel in protest and decided to borrow their form of protest off the field. Recently Dansville high has called a ban on wearing baseball caps in class. Needless to say, this has upset many of the students, mostly the young men who wear such attire. The students got together and held a protest outside of the school hoping their message would be heard and the ban would be lifted.

They failed miserably, all of the students, save four, went back to class within five minutes after being told they would all receive in school suspension. The four that remained in the parking lot where oblivious to the threat as they had all gone to one of the students’ houses who lived close by to grab some baseball hats before arriving in an empty parking lot, they assumed they were just early. After the students’ initial protest failed, they got together and decided they would kneel when a teacher requested they remove their hat. This caused a great disturbance in the hallways, one teacher went on record as saying “it’s anarchy, everybody keeps tripping over these kids, I mean students have even begun to kneel without being told to remove their hat. The hallways are filled with kids kneeling, it’s chaos. The teachers got together and decided that we weren’t going to tell the kids not to wear hats, we don’t really care anyway.” After several teachers and students complained about the kneeling protestors the school board caved and lifted the ban on hats. A 4.0 gpa student known only as ‘the Bobby dude’ said with a sarcastic laugh “well the masses won the war for me, I didn’t have to kneel once and I can still wear my hat which is important, my eyes are usually red and hazy in the morning.”