NFL Teams Powerful new Protest against the Flag

In the wake of several NFL players kneeling during the national anthem, one player has come up with a grand solution to avoid any publicity yet still protest the flag. The player who wishes to remain nameless encouraged his team to follow his example to all stand but change certain words to the anthem.

The nameless NFL player said, “I was sick of the publicity I was receiving from kneeling once, it didn’t matter if I was cheered or jeered it was all the same to me. I didn’t want to be known as a kneeling player I only ever wanted to be known as a great football player. When I enter the stadium I come to play football period. I don’t come to make a political statement or anything like that, yet I do have a problem praising the flag of the country that allowed its government to unlawfully kill my father and cover up the evidence for years. As a young boy I was led to believe that my dad was killed in combat in operation desert storm. My mother, who never believed that due to the letters she had received from my father, dug deep until she found the truth. My dad was shot by a fellow soldier over nothing but a stupid argument. The government covered it up as they knew it would be bad for business, they also withheld any money my mother should have gotten from his pension claiming something like ’he didn’t reach his required allotment of time.’ So yeah I have a problem pledging my allegiance, but I do have a grievance with the government, so before the game I stand tall, stare down the flag, put my hand over my heart, and sing my own version of the anthem. If the man who had killed my father was brought to justice, and I was told the truth as a young boy, I wouldn’t have any issue with this country. An ‘I‘m sorry“ from a bunch of bureaucrats only after we discovered the truth doesn’t cut it.”

The nameless players anthem will be available to the public soon.