Irish Priest Knocks Out Six Antifa Attackers

In Washington DC yesterday a priest visiting from Ireland got into a fight with a group claiming affiliation to Antifa. Father Shamus O’Malley was handing out prayer booklets with St. Patrick on the cover. The trouble began when a group of six Antifa members allegedly looking for trouble noticed the priest and his pamphlets from a distance. The group who had already had an altercation with a biker gang twenty minutes prior to encountering the priest were already fired up when they started to approach Fr. O’Malley.

The shamrock on the pamphlets Fr. O’Malley was handing out apparently whipped them into a frenzy as they associate the shamrock with neo-Nazi groups and not that of St. Patrick or Ireland. According to an audio-recording released from a journalist on the scene when the six reached the priest, they said, “stop spreading your fascist propaganda on my streets Nazi!” Fr. O’Malley being a man of God kindly replied, “ah lads I think ye got me confused with someone else now, I’m just here handing out some pamphlets about the good Lord and Saint Patrick of course, would ye like one?” One replied “so you’re handing out (expletive deleted) about that (expletive deleted) Jesus (expletive deleted) him! There is no God you dumb (expletive deleted)! And what’s with the clover you (expletive deleted) fascist!” Fr. O’Malley now a bit angry

Fr. O’Malley now a bit angry replied: “now boys there’s no need to be so coarse, and this is a shamrock don’t you know anything about Ireland, and mind ye feckin’ tongues when you’re talking about the Lord.” Another member yelled back “of course we know stuff, Irish were nothing but white privileged slave owners! And your so-called shamrock is a symbol of oppression and Jesus is a (expletive deleted).” Fr. O’Malley, trying very hard to keep his Irish temper at bay, replied back “The Irish slave owners!? Ye havin’ a laugh? We were slaves too, ye not heard of Cromwell?, now I’ve warned ye watch your feckin’ tongues when speaking of the Lord.”

“Or what!?” A third member shouted, not getting a response from the priest. “Or what!?” He shouted again this time forcefully pushing the sixty-year-old priest. Fr. O’Malley replied as cool as a cucumber, “I may be a man of the cloth but if ye push me again I’ll knock ye out.” After a bit of laughter by the six, one of them punched Fr. O’Malley in the gut thus unleashing his Irish temper, after being punched Fr. O’Malley said “is that all ye’ve got ye lil’ punk,” the same man tried to punch Fr. O’Malley again, this time he blocked and threw a punch, landing a right hook across the one members face knocking him out cold. The five remaining Antifa members now rushed him, three got to him first and attacked but he quickly knocked them out with a volley of jabs and hooks to their heads. The two remaining Antifa members were scared but outraged so they attacked, one at first who was quickly knocked out by an uppercut to the jaw. The last one standing threw a sucker punch to the back of Fr. O’Malley’s head not phasing him at all. When Fr. O’Malley turned around to face his last attacker he cried out “oh Jesus no,” when he saw the look in Fr, O’Malley’s eyes. Fr. O’Malley replied “ey now you’re calling on the Lord I see” as he threw a left hook that knocked the last Antifa member out cold. Fr. O’Malley no standing over six unconscious attackers said, “didn’t anyone ever tell ye not to feck with an Irishman.” After Fr. O’Malley called the ambulance he walked away and uttered “ah mother of God I’ll be in confession a week now.”