Congress to bug light bulbs

Senator Martin McFly urged Congress today not to go ahead with Senator Biff Tannen’s bill to implant hidden video cameras and microphones into the light bulbs of the American people. Yes, Senator Tannen really does want to bug our light bulbs, his new legislation states, “it is important for the United States government to see and hear the acts of its citizens at every moment. It is not enough that we have cameras on electrical devices such as phones and computers, and that we can make a real-time virtual depiction of any situation using the countries electrical grid, sort of like that one Batman movie. No, we need to be able to see the American people, and hopefully the world’s population, through every single new light source a consumer purchases.”

He also stated to his fellow congressman “come on guys I’m bored, you know we need this.” Oddly enough Senator McFly was the only one to firmly stand against Senator Tannen, McFly stated, “I’ve seen the future and this is a very bad idea, we have the technology now to make flying cars a reality, and to make skateboards that hover on the roads, and you want to put cameras in your neighbors bathroom, how sick are you?”

Senator Tannen was undaunted by Senator McFly’s reasoning and continued arguing with McFly, Senator Tannen said, “well Marty we can’t all see the future, not all of us have been there, frankly if I had the chances you’ve had in life I would’ve bet on the cubs to win the world series so I could spend my days fishing but that’s beside the point. My point to you and the House is that we want, no, need to do this for the safety and well-being of this country.” McFly shook his head and argued back to Senator Tannen, “the only well-being you’re looking out for is your own. We all know what you do to yourself on those fishing trips, if you bug the light bulbs a lot of people will see it for themselves.” After that comment, Senator Tannen sided with Senator McFly and tried to repeal his own bill but the ball was already in motion. As of now, we don’t know if the bill has been passed. We neither know what Senator Tannen does on his fishing trips or what he was talking about when he referred to Senator McFly betting on the cubs.