Indie media rocked by leaked sex tape

If you like on the ground reporting from independent and reliable journalists, you’re probably familiar with Ford Fischer from Washington, DC. If there’s something interesting happening in DC, he’s there. Sleeper Cells has found out his journalism career is not the only thing that has put him in front of a camera. A sex tape was discovered and released by 4chan.

Ford has a reputation as one of indie media’s most respectable and professional journalists. It’s unclear how the 4-hour video will impact this reputation. We were only able to contact one of the women in the tape, identified by a tattoo. She was willing to speak with Sleeper Cells on the record, but would not divulge the identity of the other women, though we repeatedly asked who the woman in the Zorro mask was.

Kristyn Greer, 23, is a student at a local university who apparently met Ford after he investigated a scandal at the school. According to Greer, the tape was filmed about two years ago. “It just sort of happened. One second we were all just hanging out then it was just like, well you saw.”

Greer was unaware of how the tape surfaced or even who filmed it, but she was not concerned about the video becoming public. “Everybody does crazy things in college. I’m a gymnast. Come on, did you see me balancing on that bookshelf and chair? I was distracted and still held that. I’m putting that screenshot on Facebook… as soon as I can edit out the pineapple and riding crop.”

We asked if these events were frequent. “Oh no,” Greer said. “To be honest, I’ve been trying to find him on Facebook, but couldn’t really remember his name until you guys contacted me.”

Sleeper Cells advised Fischer of the tape and of our upcoming article. He had no other comment than to support our First Amendment right to produce our content.

Fallout within the indie journalism community has been swift. Most outlets are reporting 30 to 40% of their female staff and 5 to 10% of the male staff resigning while simultaneously asking for a letter of recommendation to work at News2Share.

Ford, if you’re reading this, Kristyn says “call me.”