How to access the nude photos leaked by the NSA

We’ve been repeatedly asked how users can access the leak of more than 12.8 billion nude selfies by the National Security Agency. We’re assuming users want to see if they are among those leaked. So we’ve prepared a how-to guide.

Follow these instructions step by step to make sure you are protected from unwanted surveillance.

Using TOR:
Download here:

Install by double clicking the application wherever you downloaded it to, most likely your “Downloads” folder.
Click “Run” on the screen that pops up.
Select your preferred language and click “OK”.
Click “Install”.
Click “Finish”.
Click “Connect”.
Welcome to TOR.

Tips to using TOR:
Add the following addons to the tor browser to make yourself even harder to track:
UBlock Origin:

Privacy Badger:


Random Agent Spoofer:

Do not log in to sites that Identify you, like your social media, email, etc. during the same session that you are attempting to remain untraceable.

The TOR browser will be available through your start menu as well as through a shortcut on your desktop.

For smartphone users, use the “Orbot” app.
Click “Start”.
When the app starts, click “Browse”.
Click “Install Orfox”.
Click “Accept”.
Open and welcome to TOR on mobile.
To start TOR again, start Orbot and click “Browse”.

For more advanced users, connect to a VPN prior to connecting to the TOR browser for an extra layer of security. A simple and easy to use VPN for the average user is Private Internet Access.


Now that you’re ready to go, you should know that Sleeper Cells is a satire site. There is no NSA nude photo leak. The next thing you should know is that you are now aware of how to access Tor. The above step-by-step was drafted by our own tech guy. You’re welcome. This site is a project by The Fifth Column. Its purpose is to use fiction to help people grasp some of the more pressing issues facing the world today.