Keyboards for a New Age

An alt left organization known as, Change Can Know, at Dethtabrits University in Boston MA, petitioned the administration until they allowed them to make a small change, with a big message. As of last week, CCK has replaced all of the AltGr keys on the keyboards in the school’s computer laboratory with swastikas, because the AltGr, or right alt button, is often referred to as, alt right. Many students were outraged when they noticed the change. They thought it was a horrible prank done by the alt right themselves. It was only after they were told that it was okay, and that it was orchestrated by CCK, that they found humor it. A member of CCK, Jeremy Little, explains how the change came about.

I’ve been a member of Change Can Know since my second semester, everybody else was joining so I thought, hey why not. We go out and protest Nazi’s when they go out and show their support for Trump usually, but sometimes we clean up in-house, like we did with the keyboards. Our leaders get bored easily because they’re always finding new things to be upset about, but that gives us lots to do when they want to change things. Like they did with the keyboards. We did that because our leader Susan was in class and she was having trouble doing something on the computer, so she asked the teacher for help. But when this Nazi noticed that the teacher wasn’t paying attention, he started saying things to her like alt right, alt right. He just said it over and over again. Of course the Nazi said that he was just trying to help her, but Susan says that he was spreading his message of hate, and patriarchy, and white power and stuff; and that’s exactly right, he was. Anyway, after Susan got him expelled her and a few other people thought it would be a good idea to show everybody exactly what the alt right really are, by putting swastikas on the keyboards, and that’s exactly what we did.

The sudden keyboard modification has drawn a lot of attention to Dethtabrits University. Since last week several people have randomly shown up in the middle of the class schedule to take pictures and what not. Ironically no one finds the keyboards as funny as Trump supporters do.