Man attacks chemtrail planes with homemade rockets

A man by the name of Sean Farrell has made the top of the FBI’s most wanted list today when he single-handedly destroyed 5 air force jets with homemade surface to air missiles. The aircraft Farrell shot down were AC-130 gunships that were converted to look like civilian aircraft for the purpose of spraying American citizens with chemicals Farrell, and others, believe to be toxic. In a short video filmed by Farrell before the attack he says,

“I’ve been seeing jets pollute the sky with their toxic dusting for a long time now, years ago people didn’t believe it, or weren’t able to, now a days I hear a lot of Americans talking about chemtrails and how upset they are about them, the only problem is they don’t do anything about it, that’s we’re I come in. I know for a fact the chemical clouds you see forming over your house day-to-day are detrimental to the human race. If I told you the truth about the chemicals being sprayed you wouldn’t believe me; just as most people didn’t believe chemtrails existed when they were first noticed the truth about the chemicals themselves will soon also be common knowledge. I can tell you that it is vital to our survival that we put a stop to this by any means necessary, I know the press will call me a terrorist and slander me any other way they can, don’t listen to their lies. I doubt this video will even reach you in its entirety unless one of the few independent news outlets I will be sending this to lets you hear or see this word for word, with no editing. I can tell you that the aircraft I will be targeting are military aircraft and the few people on board spraying are military personnel, but they are not U.S. soldiers. I won’t get into the frightening details of who they actually are, just know that they are your enemy and that we are at war. I know I won’t stop them, but if I can delay them for a day I will have succeed. This is not the last you’ll see of me.”

The 5 crash sites have been carefully sealed off by the government. Farrell is wanted for terrorism and is considered armed and extremely dangerous due to his background in the military and CIA. Farrell is thought to be hiding out somewhere along the Adirondack trail but authorities are not certain. A $500,000,000 reward has been issued for his capture, dead or alive.