Hugh Hefner’s estate has nude photos of Donald Trump

In the estate of Playboy mogul Hugh Hefner, was an unexpected find. Nude photos of the current President of the United States. Hugh has one last gift to give the world. The photos will be put up for auction at the earliest possible moment. Possibly, as soon as next week.

The photos, taken in the late 1980s after Trump’s string of bankruptcies, are said to contain an image of the President standing at attention with an American flag draped over his genitals. Other photos include him saluting the flag with both hands at his side, as well as one of him posed as if he’s using the bathroom on his bankruptcy forms. According to financial documents, Trump was paid $120 dollars for each photo.

In a statement released by Hugh’s estate,

“The photos were never released and never spoken of at the time because photo enlargement technology had not progressed to the point to make the photos economically┬áviable. With today’s digital processes would should be able to make out the general shape of the needed features of President Tiny Hands.”

The North Korean President has already offered $2 million for the images.

Former First Lady Clinton, struggling for relevancy, has offered to pose nude for Playboy, GQ, Maxim, Stuff, and TFC. All have declined.

Sources in the White House have stated The President isn’t worried and has spent the day offering to show people his genitals to prove they are in fact there. All have declined.