Black Actor Wearing Nazi Jacket Attaked by ANTIFA

An African-American actor was attacked by 6 members of Antifa for wearing Nazi symbolism. William Johnson who was 3 blocks away from the set of the upcoming play he is co-starring in was jumped by 6 men in black masks due to the clothes he had on. Johnson,  who decided to wear his costume to work that evening, didn’t realize it was a bad idea until after he was rushed to the hospital. The costume Johnson was wearing was a WWII era jacket of a high-ranking Nazi soldier.

According to Johnson, “I was walking down the street wearing the jacket I’d be wearing on stage, it was a bit cold so I put it on, and let’s face the Nazi’s knew how to dress, Hugo Boss and all, anyway as I walked to work that evening I thought nothing of the jacket, I didn’t have a red swastika armband or anything just one of those grey jackets with the eagle and skulls, stuff like that, nobody really noticed. Then I walked by a young college kid who seemed taken back by my costume and began to follow me, he followed me for a block and a half while on his phone, I found out later he was tweeting my location to Antifa, after I had walked 3 blocks I ran into 6 guys wearing masks screaming some pretty horrible stuff at me, the 2 black guys among them called me an uncle Tom which really bothered me. The rest called me a fascist and a Nazi, it was then I realized they were talking about my costume so I laughed and as I began to explain myself it was already too late, before I knew it I was on the ground getting kicked over and over again, I woke up in an ambulance sometime later.”

The play Johnson will be acting in is a very political play about how one’s skin color doesn’t determine your status in life, the underlying message of it is that if you’re a Trump supporter you’re a Nazi no matter your race creed or nationality. Johnson is playing a leading role as a man who supports Trump to an extreme point. In an interview Johnson said, “the irony is not lost on me, those on the far left really don’t care what the color of your skin is, if you support Trump you’re against them and if you dress as a Nazi you’re going to get your ass kicked. Honestly, I’m a bit afraid to be around them after all of this, I may go over to the other side to avoid any violence in the future.”