A Hacker’s Revenge on Vegan deadbeat

A computer programmer is in hot water today for seeking vengeance on an individual who hired him to develop a website. Dade Murphy was hired by a local retail clothing company to design and develop a website for Kate’s Clothing Outlet, Kate Libby’s business. After months of work Dade published Kate’s website as scheduled much to Kate’s approval. Months passed with no payment to Dade, after a while Kate didn’t even try to make excuses anymore she just stopped talking to Dade. Dade was furious so he decided to make Kate’s life a little complicated with a bit of payback that he may have taken too far.

For his first attack he kept it simple, Dade hacked into Kate’s website and transferred the ownership of the site to an anonymous account that he controlled which locked her out. Dade didn’t make any drastic changes to the site but rather subtle yet effective ones, for instance, he changed around the pictures and videos by embedding pictures of male genitalia into them which could only be picked up subconsciously, he let this happen for about a month as Kate’s business declined in the process, Kate was also receiving complaints from her customers and neither her nor the customer knew what was wrong they just complained that the site was offensive. After Dade knew Kate had checked her site and found no offensive material he went on to the second part of his attack. He changed the product descriptions, for example under a sweater the original caption was, made 100% from local wool, which Dade changed to made from the fur of locally killed poodles. After he changed nearly all the captions to offensive descriptions he changed her banner from 25% of my proceeds are donated to the humane society to 25% of my proceeds go towards killing cats as they make good gloves. After Kate was questioned by friends and family on just what was going on she put two and two together and called the police on Dade.

Police could find no evidence of foul play on Dade’s part and suggested to Kate she was just the victim of a bored hacker. For one final blow to Kate, he cleared her website completely and put up a video of Kate wearing leather pants and a fur coat saying on camera.

“I don’t care what this coat is made of but I want another and I don’t care how many animals have to die for me to have it.”

This video put Kate out of business as her whole platform was one of a vegan lifestyle, cruelty-free wool and donating to animal rights. Dade Murphy said to the press,

“Whoever did that to Kate is a very dangerous person, all is know is that next time she’d better be careful who she crosses, and I’d advise her to pay her bills.”

Due to the outdated Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, Murphy is facing 10 years in prison despite having no prior criminal record.