Teacher Arrested for Calling a Boy ‘He’

Sarah Adams, a third-grade teacher in North Olmsted, Ohio is facing bias-motivated criminal charges in Cuyahoga county. Charges were pressed against the public school teacher when the parents of one of her students complained to the school board about the alleged discrimination of their child. According to the parents of said student, Miss Adams called their child, “he,” during a parent-teacher conference, which was a blatant attack on their child’s gender identity, they thought.

In a transcript from the school board meeting Arlene Myers said, “our little StarPhlower does not identify as a male on Mondays! Monday is the day of the moon so StarPhlower has chosen to identify as a female on that particular day. This is StarPhlower’s choice we didn’t decide for StarPlower, really we had nothing to do with it, really, but we demand you press charges against Miss Adams or we’ll press charges against the school.”

The day after the school board hearing Alex Morrison, the superintendent of the school, called the police and had Adams arrested for committing an alleged hate crime. Sarah Adams was bailed out of jail after a few hours by her family, as she was exiting the police station she said to the press, with tears in her eyes, “I can’t believe what’s going on, they’re telling me that I’ve been arrested for committing a hate crime against one of my students. I love my students and I would never do anything to hurt them.” After the incident was explained to her she stated to the press, “Are you serious, is this a joke!?, This is why I lost my job and was stripped searched before being thrown into a hole!?, Because I said ‘he’s a delight to have in class’ to the Myers!? Because I called a little boy he!?” Adams is facing up to three years in jail and a $250,00 fine, she is also being sued for personally injuring the Myers after they heard Adams use the word ‘he’ and ’boy’ on the news.