Putin Mocks Trump’s Military Deferments (Video)

Russian President Vladimir Putin was caught mocking the US President on a live microphone. Putin, who spent 15 years in the Soviet Union’s KGB, was recorded laughing about President Trump’s military deferments and small hands.

The Russian President said, “Of course he found a way out of military service. Did you see the man’s hands?” As Putin’s entourage laughed, he added, “They are very soft. Much like a woman’s.” Amid the laughter, Putin noticed the microphone. When he was informed the microphone was, in fact, live. He started laughing and said not to worry, “his supporters will just dismiss it as ‘fake news!'” The entire press corps began laughing. “Those people will believe anything. If we had known how dumb they were, we wouldn’t have hacked the election.”

President Trump then arrived on stage, and the entire room fell silent.

Moments later, President Putin asked President Trump if these were the journalists who hurt him and laughed when Trump confirmed they were.