Alt-Righter beaten to death by WWII vet grandfather after getting a Nazi tattoo

Alan Questers is a highly decorated WWII veteran. His grandson, Bobby “keki” Racher, 17, had fallen for the alt-right line about love of country and nationalism as a cure. According to family members, Alan was happy to his grandson take an active role or politics and was proud to see the American flag he had fought for during WWII displayed in young Bobby’s room.

Last Sunday night, things took a turn for the worse. Bobby spent the weekend with a friend and came home sporting a collection of tattoos. Alan didn’t recognize the “88” or many other coded tattoos as Nazi emblems. However, when Bobby removed his shirt to display his freshly-inked swastika with death’s head logo, Alan immediately jumped across the dining room table and began beating Bobby with the closest implement at hand, which happened to be a copy of a Mein Kampf that Bobby has in his backpack.

Sgt. Chamblice of the Willatoosa Sheriff’s Department told reporters:

“I’ve honestly never seen anything like it. It was gruesome. “

Alan sat on the porch smoking a Lucky Strike when police arrived. According to Chamblice, when Alan was asked why he killed his grandson, he said, “I didn’t kill my grandson, I killed a Nazi. Most importantly, I finally got  Lt. Raine the last scalp I owed him.”