Donald Trump asks Julian Assange to head Cyber Security team

In an unprecedented tweet early Monday morning, President Donald Trump asked Julian Assange the founder of WikiLeaks to head the new US-Russian Cyber Security team. This coming after months of President Trump calling for the prosecution of Assange.

Assange responded shortly after with a tweet that read:

“F— Trump and his tiny hands”

And later followed up with

“Why would I lead that team when I know everything the CIA does already”

At times like these, you have to wonder what goes on in Mango Mussolini’s head. He asked the man he has been trying to have arrested to work for him. Maybe after his meeting with Russian President Vladmir Putin, he realized how underequipped the US is in the field of cyber security and how hilariously underequipped we are for a cyber war.

Trump has since deleted his tweet and responded by posting images of his hands. 

Prepared by John Grischam