Galactic Dialouges From Outside of Time w/ Thad McKraken

In this episode, magickal practitioner, psychonaut, Disinfonaut, and writer Thad McKraken joins us to discuss his new book and current magickal explorations.

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Thad McKraken, one of our earliest guests, returns to the Free Radical Media podcast to discuss his new book, “Transmissions From Outside of Time.” He discusses the book (available here) which is a continuation of his previous work: his personal journey into the Occult and Chaos Magick (or Pysch Magick, as he prefers) and musings on the nature of reality. Along the way, we discuss the current state of the Occult community, his personal practice (including “ganja-tating”) and the strange circumstances which brought Thad and the Free Radical Media crew together in the first place.

More from Thad can be found on his Disinformation author page and he can be contacted and followed via his Facebook page.

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