Police documentary sneak peek 2: Speak Friend And Enter

A sneak peek to the 2015 police documentary Speak Friend And Enter, which can be found on YouTube as well as Sleeper cells. Speak Friend And Enter investigates reports of misconduct committed by Wisconsin’s Wauwatosa Police Department, near Milwaukee. The film looks into the departments longstanding reputation for racial discrimination, it’s participation in several large scale teen drug use crackdowns, and the introduction of a policy of withholding arrest information, thus keeping the community in the dark.┬áSpeak Friend And Enter marks the first full length documentary produced by amateur┬ávideo journalist Isiah Holmes, who published the film under the label YungCartographer Productions.

This sneak peek showcases a couple interviews in the film, one of which involving a questionable interaction between an undercover officer and teen boy. Adam, who’s face was hidden in the film, reported being abused by an undercover officer during a time when Tosa PD was conducting a large scale drug crackdown throughout the suburbs woods. Adam recalls being searched illegally, threatened with bodily harm, and then questioned regarding the identities of teens which the operation aimed to target.